I’m a Good Person
I’m going to heaven because I am a really nice person and always helping people or at least trying to….¬† sorry, ūüôĀ you are going to HELL if you don’t¬†take Jesus Christ as your Lord and only God and¬† Savior.¬†

You could be the meanest and nastiest¬†person, a killer, a terrorist, sexually immoral, a thief, or a real SOB… and if you take Jesus before you die… you will go to heaven.¬† You can be the nicest of nice, door opening boy scout, charity do-gooder, goodie two shoe your WHOLE life but if you don’t believe in Jesus as God who died for your sins, you are screwed and going to suffer in hell for an eternity while the repenting criminal or murderer that repents and takes Christ Jesus is partying for all eternity in Heaven.

Jesus loves everyone, but not everyone is saved.¬† He is a God of justice and stands by His word(the Bible).¬† All He asks is that you believe. He loves you, if you can humble yourself and accept His simple invitation, He will deliver you from the guilt, pain, and sorrow. He’s always been waiting for you, but He leaves the choice to everyone, to you.