Jesus Forgives Sins ~ 
    Jesus loves us in spite of our sinful nature and messed-up lives.  In Gods eye it doesn’t matter the size of a sin because to Him a sin is a sin is a sin, they’re all the same size sin regardless of how we perceive sins, no matter the sin it needs to be forgiven.  Whether murdering or stealing a piece of candy, all sins need to be forgiven because it separates us from God.  Jesus Himself was sinless and only He could pay the penalty for our sins.
  Jesus loves everyone very much, rest assure that if you believe in Jesus His death on the cross will save you too, no matter what, and forgives ALL your sins, no matter what the sin is, He will forgive it if you believe in Him and repent.

 love the sinner(you & me)… hates the sin(acts of sin that separate us from God)….